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Progress of On-Going Schemes

S.No Name of the scheme Name of scientists Date of start Date of closure Budget in lakhs Details of work done
1 NADP-MPS - Introduction of mini portable sprinkler irrigation system for the coastal sandy soils of Tamil Nadu Scheme All Technical staff members 2010 2011 45.00 Completed digging of four shallow ring well and the remaining work is under progress.
2 TN-IAMWARM (Uthirakosai Mangaiyar sub basin) Dr.S.Ganapathy 2010 2013 33.92 Sowing will be taken up in 2nd week of Sep- 2012.
3 ATMA - Scheme Dr.G.Anand 2009 2011 0.70 Proposal for obtaining budget for the establishment of Community Radio Station has been put up to the ATMA governing body.
4 NICRA Project All SMS 2010 2012 33.00
  • Farmer's selection is in progress and inputs purchased.
  • Drip system was laid out in the identified beneficiaries field for an area of 1 ha.
  • NRM works carried out in the melamadai village were inspected.
5 NADP-RKVY- Popularization of Soil breeding and Water management strategies in coastal sandy soil of Ramanathapuram district. Dr.V.Ganesaraja
2011 2012 15.89
  • Identification of farmers is completed.
  • Permission was sought from thasildar, rural development officer, Executive engineer, PWD and District collector for tank silt application.