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TitleFish Masala Preparation
BackgroundMr.Mohammed Igbal S/o.Ahmed Ibrahim
11/9570 West street, Panaikulam, Ramanathpuram.
Ph.No: 94867 44785

Mr.Mohammed Igbal S/o. Ahmed Ibrahim, panaikulam is a new comer to Food Processing and value addition. He approached KVK, Ramanathapruam for preparaing spice mixes, packing and labeling. He gained knowledge and procedure for execution. He prepared Spice Mix exclusive for Fish expecting a huge response for his produce since Ramanathapuram district is coastal area. He started his enterprise during January 2012. He is producing 300 kg of spice mix /month and he is selling at the rate of Rs.160 /kg and earning an additional income of Rs. 7500/month. He engaged his family members (3 nos) and 3 labours for the production. He is doing this enterprise as a part time job. He got packing and labeling licence from department of labour law and Obtained licence from department of Food and Drug Administration act for selling quality product.

InterventionsThrough Advisory service from KVK, Ramanathapruam he gained knowledge on Spice mix preparation, suitable packing material and labeling of the produce.
ProcessHe packed the product in multi coloured polythene covers with labeling
TechnologyPreparation of Spice mix, Packing and labeling
Horizontal SpreadHis product is gaining good response and also receiving orders from marriage ceremony etc.
Economic gainsHe is earning an additional income of Rs. 7500 -10,000/month.
Employment GenerationInvolving own family members and encaged 3 contractual labours.