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Village 			:  Usilanakkottai
Block 				:  Thondi
District			:  Ramanathapuram 
Name of the Farmer		:  A. Ramu

Krishi Vigyan Kendra of Coastal Saline Research Centre, Ramanathapuram offering need based trainings to the farm women farmers and un employed Rural youths. The propaganda about the training programme is being given through Mass Media like All India Radio and News paper. After seeing the advertisement A farmer by name A. Ramu, aged 52 and educated upto SSLC approached the officials of the KVK. According to his requirement, the vocational training on vermi compost have been arranged to the farmer. The farmer was taught in such a way to start the self employment. The mental changes led to physical action of the activity

The farmer have been attracted by the organic farming and started to do vermicomposting. He also motivated the villagers, neighbours and relatives to do the same. He himself taken survey of his village to know the cultivable areas. He contacted the farmers personally and explained about the pros and cons of organic farming. He promised to supply vermi compost at least for one acre for each farmer of his village. He motivated them to content soil sampling analysis. The farmer started the unit with a capacity of 18 tonnes / 6 cycle / one year. The economics worked out for the unit is given below:

Vermi compost preparation
Cost of Returns
aFixed Cost
1Vermi compost shed Rs. 15,000.00
2Sprayer, Motor, Sieve, packing machine etc. Rs. 13,600.00
(Interest 12%, Depreciation 2% for one year for shed ) Rs. 700.00
Depreciation 5%, IFC = 12% for 1 year for machineries Rs. 462.40
Total fixed cost Rs. 1,162.40
bVariable Cost
1 FYM & compost for 6 cycles (Rs. 600/ton for 36 tonnes )Rs. 21,600.00
2 Earth worm for 6 cycles (18 kg/ 6 cycle) @ Rs. 400/kgRs. 7,200.00
3 Packing cover for 18 tonnes (Rs. 10/bag) (360 bag) Rs. 3,600.00
4 Labour charges ( A type - B - type - 80)Rs. 12,000.00
Total variable cost Rs. 44,400.00
Cost & Return Statement
1Variable cost (Rs. / year)Rs. 44,400.00
2Fixed cost (Rs. / year)Rs. 1,162.40
3Total cost (Rs. / year)Rs. 45,562.40
4Yield18 Tons
Vermi compost (18 tons / 6 cycles / year)
Total production income @ Rs.7000/tons x 18Rs. 1,26,000.00
Profit / year (1,26,000 - 45,562.40)Rs. 80,437.60
Production cost / kg Rs. 2.53
Profit / kg Rs. 4.47
BC ratio1:2.77