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Name of the Farmer Mr.A.Ramu
Father nameMr.Alagar
Complete Postal address Usilankottai Village
Mugitham post
Thiruvadanai Taluk
Ramanathapuram Dt- 623 403.
Contact Phone Number and E-mail ID.9965727971
Land & water assets details7 acres of Rainfed land
Details of Interventions made by the farmer with methodologyHis success in milky mushroom production.
OutcomeRecognition from the District collector & other officials from state line departments and notified him as a master trainer milky mushroom production
Lessons learnt from the farmers experienceInnovative and progressive nature yields appreciable returns and recognition.

KVK offers mushroom production trainings to farmers, farm women, rural youths and self help group from its inception. Mr.A.Ramu residing at Usilanakotti, Thiruvadanai taluk is doing rice cultivation in 7 acre of land holding. He visited KVK and participanted in mushroom production training programme. He started a small oyster mushroom unit at his village. Initially he struggled a lot and with KVK’s technical support and guidance he successfully produced oyster mushroom and marketed in and around thondi. For each and every time he has to depend on TNAU for mushroom spawn. In order to meet the spawn requirement, he wanted to start spawn production also. Subsequently he learnt spawn production technologies from KVK. He established a spawn production laboratory in his farm house itself. He faced a big problem during summer in oyster mushroom production and marketing during the higher production period. He wanted to overcome these problems and approached KVK. The KVK scientists suggested him to go for production of milky mushroom which has higher shelflife than oyster mushroom. Based on this he started a small unit of milky mushroom and introduced it to the local people. The robust natures, white colour, taste and storability in normal condition was well appreciated by all the people. Weather condition of Ramanathapuram is suitable for milky mushroom production. He harvested big sized, white coloured mushrooms. He expanded his milky mushroom unit by reducing the production of oyster mushroom and now he is the sole producer of milky mushroom in Ramanathapuram district. Weather condition of Ramanathapuram is suitable for milky mushroom production. He harvested big sized, white coloured mushrooms. KVK has developed him as a master trainer in mushroom production. KVK Ramanathapuram published his work as success enterpruner in Dinamalar daily and ulavarin valarum velanmai. The district collector appreciated his work and visited his farm. The district administration utilized his experience as master trainer to train self help group through mahalirthittam.